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This is a new product on the market, the result of a partnership between Deveras Amazônia and Amabela- Belterra Women Association, developing studies to evolve the food production of açaí seeds, which, after going through several processes, result in a powder with an aroma and flavor similar to coffee.


The "Açaí coffee" was born as an alternative to the disposal of açaí residues, and brings as some of its benefits antioxidant properties and reduction of glucose levels in diabetics.


Create a brand that expresses the origins and raw material of the product, in addition to relating it to the brands of the company that produces it, Sabor da Semente, and Deveras, responsible for the technical part.

Also, make a packaging proposal for the product that expresses its innovative content and its Amazonian appeal. 


We created a brand called “Açafé”, combining the brands Sabor da Semente with Deveras Amazônia, and still makes reference to the product developed. The new packaging has concepts related to artisanal and natural, which are also present in the brand.

In addition, we developed illustrations with volume and depth, which highlight family farming led by women.

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