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Connecting Strategy and Creation to build meaning for brands

From design, branding and marketing concepts, we seek to help brands build a more consistent, grounded market positioning that brings you results. We do this through:



Services that add playfulness , co-creation and active participation of entrepreneurs.

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After years of work experience understanding the pains and dilemmas of businessmen and entrepreneurs, we created this unique method that in five steps helps to co- create the strategic clarity of a brand so that it becomes:

Visible - Clear and synthetic presentation for employees, customers, other interested parties and society in general;

Accessible - Strategic density without technicalities, through a light and didactic content;

Available - Guides and tables that help managers and staff consult on a daily basis to support actions.


With the view of the market and knowledge of methodologies for building purchase and user journeys, this service provides the construction of a flow of steps to be taken to overcome the challenge. From it, it is possible to see clearly and define the actions to be taken by the brand.


Sigh Menagement

Methodology developed to clearly and objectively map the company's Culture , the Abilities that the brand has, which offers it presents to the market and which channels are used to express what the brand is. In a Canva-style visual model, it helps entrepreneurs to be clear about what actions can be taken to improve their management, aiming at the goals they want to achieve.




The creation of a name suited to the communication strategy , purpose and brand sense desired and legally available for use and registration

at INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).


Brand Creation

Visual development of the graphic brand , considering the nature of the company, its purpose and how it wants to position itself in the market. Developed from research processes and the creation of a creative forum with the Libra team and entrepreneur.

Packing design

The construction of the visual identity of products , based on market research, ergonomic, aesthetic and functional. Respecting and transmitting the essence of the brand to the market in which it operates.


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