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Being Creative


who is it

The IHEBE - Institute of Hematology and Hemotherapy of Belém emerged in 1994, when it saw the need to have an efficient and safe blood collection site.

The Institute has grown so much that its former home has become too small for so much potential. The new home, close to its main partners, became the key point for change, as well as a new brand that was suitable for this new era.


Create a brand for the public that seeks effective solutions in the health area, with safety and agility, and also, reach those people who seek to contribute to society through blood donations.  

Also, assemble the strategy from all communicational aspects of the brand, work on its positioning and personality, from its social networks, to the signage of the new space.


IHEBE participated in the Ludovia© brand strategic consultancy, and from there we built the brand architecture and the new visual identity of the company.


The result was a brand that inspires vitality, fluidity and renewal through the form of the blood flow in red, and also, being able to bring sensations of lightness, confidence and softness linked to the communication of its identity.  

In harmony with the new language of IHEBE, a modern, clear and efficient signage was created, which conveys all the comfort and professionalism found in the new unit. We worked with acrylic material, in the company's institutional colors, light grey, black and red.

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