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Being Creative


who is it

Labo has been in the market for over 20 years. During this time the company established itself through credibility, technology and excellence in the production of eyeglasses in the North Region, and later in other regions of Brazil.

After a few years, they created the VisionMax lens brand and the DuraMax Anti-Reflection. In 2020, the LaboÓptica brand was renamed Labo Indústria Óptica.


The challenge was: to organize the group's brand architecture, structure its brand based on Libra's strategic consultancy - Ludovia©, and redesign the brand and sub-brands that respected the company's 20 years.


A strong quality of Labo is the technology involved in the production processes of its lenses. Added to the technology is the concept of daring.

There is something innovative in everything Labo offers. Therefore, we included in the brand the idea of cosmos, galaxy and mysteries, which refers to the idea of discoveries and growth.

We created a symbol that reminds us of speed, efficiency, unity and balance. It also adds the idea of innovation, and lenses. Lowercase typography brings confidence and proximity. Minimalist, simple, transmitting technology, elegance and modernity.

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