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Being Creative

nanna banana

who is it

Nanna Banana is a family business developed in Serra da Mantiqueira, São José dos Campos, in the Atlantic Forest. The product is a banana candy made with bananas planted on the site, and part of the proceeds go towards rehabilitating the forest.


The product's essence is organic, healthy, attractive to people who practice physical activity. We needed to add value towards the packaging,  making its attributes stand out: healthy, without additives, artisanal production, and without bad ingredients. In addition, we needed to pass on that consuming a banana, is contributing to the preservation of the environment.


We carry out Brand and Packaging Redesign for the line's products, adding a feeling of naturalness and sustainability to the packaging handling experience. We seek elegant, quality finishes that reinforce a perception of healthy eating. We use the monkey in order to reinforce the natural character of the product, as a reminder of the forest where the banana came from, and the colored shapes behind the flavor image refer to the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira.

This project belongs to the Design for Biome's project. We developed a brand consultancy and redesign of visual identities and packaging of products from many biomes to 24 companies in Brazil. Our biggest dilemma was to generate value for each product through our design, aligned with the history, concept, and territory of each brand.

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