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Being Creative

Pacajá Furniture Store

who is it

Pacajá Furniture Store, is a sustainable products company of the Algar group, and is an initiative of ABC Norte. Pacajá Farm, located in Portel/PA, guards around 145,000 hectares of native Amazon forest, valuing and developing products that are derived from sustainable forest management.


They encourage the development of ecosystem services such as carbon credit certification and tourism, in addition to supporting local entrepreneurship in riverside communities.


Create a brand for consumers who care about the origin of products, which reflects the company's values by seeking processes that respect the natural.

Also, set up the strategy from the creation of furniture, brand architecture, company participation in events of the Algar group and others, as well as standardize communication in the different media where the brand is located.


Pacajá participated in the brand strategic consultancy Ludovia©, and from it we built the brand architecture and the new visual identity for the company.


The result was a brand that reinforces the relationship between nature and the human, represented in a fluid and cyclical symbology. Avoiding the obvious, the color blue was chosen to compose the identity, conveying stability, confidence and experience.

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