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Being Creative

Realeza dos Cachos

who is it

Realeza dos Cachos is a beauty studio specialized in taking care of curly hair. It arose from the absence of salons in Belém that valued the natural beauty of hair, without judgment or straightening instructions.  

Today it is a reference company in this type of treatment, a place where all curly people can meet, learn to take care of their natural hair, and feel like royalty in the salon.


Creation of a brand that exalts the company's values, and also, from a strategic consultancy, define aspects related to the brand's personality, its purpose and the paths it intends to reach.


Realeza dos Cachos participated in the strategic brand consultancy Ludovia©, and based on it, we pointed out the main points related to the company's public and positioning, in order to define the best approaches to be adopted.

Furthermore, we created a brand that extols strength and its roots in every detail, in the fonts, in the curves represented in the curls and in the symbolism of the root of a tree that shows a strong and solid base.

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