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Being Creative

recanto magini

who is it

Recanto Magini is situated in São Paulo city, in one of the few remaining preserved areas of the Atlantic RainForest. Therefore, they invested in the production of preserves and liquors - using especially the fruits of the biome, and sought to strengthen the identity between the generations, so their sons and grandsons can taste the flavor of their region.


To develop a professional appearance for the products of the brand, that can show the benefits and history in which they were created, with a better appeal and organization of the contents. We created packaging for the Cambumel, a liquor honey-based allied to the Cambuci fruit - the principal product of the Recanto Farm.


We made the brand redesign of Recanto Magini and the creation of the packaging for the Cambumel beverage, thinking in an inclusive, fun, rebel, friendly, and innovative visual identity that speaks with the public that frequents bars and parties, making the beverage closer to the young people.

This project belongs to the Design for Biome's project. We developed a brand consultancy and redesign of visual identities and packaging of products from many biomes to 24 companies in Brazil. Our biggest dilemma was to generate value for each product through our design, aligned with the history, concept, and territory of each brand.

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