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create, co- create,

recreate, reinvent

Our business was created from the desire to offer brands strategic and creative high-impact services so that they can continue to make progress. We believe in co-creative development of solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of each client we work with.
We started our journey in 2006 , focusing on brand and product design. As we matured, we concluded that our contribution could go far beyond colors and shapes to create meaning for brands. Thus, based on several studies, we developed our own method to work with Strategic Brand Consulting through an immersive and co-creative process, Ludovia© .
Today, we are
Libra Branding , and we build meaning for the brands through consultancy and Design, Communication and Marketing projects, accumulating consistent results with several brands in the Amazon region.

libra team

Multidisciplinary team linked to consumer trends and consumer behavior and their relationship with brands. We are ready to understand and respond to your most complex market connection dilemmas.


Berna Magalhães

Director of Meanings and New Business

He founded Libra with the aim of making concrete the abstract concepts that identify a brand. Defends the construction of meaning to guarantee coherent definitions of Branding.

Karol Alfaia

Strategic-Administrative Director

She understands customers' dilemmas, helping to conduct processes and projects, seeking real results both financially and in engaging consumers.

Aline Paes

Brand Strategy Analyst

Analyzes the connection of the Brand Strategy with the culture, skills and offer, evaluating and understanding the ideal channels to ensure the best experiences.

Natalia Pereira

Full Designer

It materializes the concepts forming visual expressions in colors and shapes, structuring the Brand Language, ensuring better permeability of the brand with its target audience.

IMG-0488 (2)_edited.jpg

Thais Gentile

Service and Marketing

She works in direct contact with customers, planning and organizing the demands for the best progress of design projects.

Maria Vidal


Advertising Student. She works by helping to create textual and visual content - especially with photographs.

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what we believe

We have values that guide our performance, and we share them so much with the work team, our customers and work partners.


We understand the condition of the other without judging the differences - and without trying to imagine myself in her place or inserting myself in that context, in order to maintain the necessary neutrality.


We believe in a magnetic connection potential that transmits positive energy into everything we do.


Abstraction potential to see old things in a new way, with a look that goes beyond the trivial


Promote consistent results that generate wealth for an ecosystem, not profit at any cost.


Ability to implement solutions with consistency, applicability and truth.

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